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This site contains (sexually explicit) content of an adult-oriented nature inappropriate for those under the age of 18. It is recommended that if you have children under the age of 18 who use a computer that you limit access to your browser, or use parental control/filter software to protect your child from accessing inappropriate content online.

Limiting your browsers access

Free filter software

About Filter Software

By using filter software to protect your children from harmful material found online, you have the ability to restrict your child from viewing specific sites containing such material.

Internet filter software gives you the ability to control content displayed, block websites and set up passwords. Included in most software is a list of inappropriate sites for children which is updated automatically or can be through the manufacturers’ website. Filtering software doesn’t just block access to adult-oriented content; you can configure your software to filter content pertaining to such topics as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, violence, or racism as well.

Many filter software allow you the flexibility to create different levels of security and filtering options based on the age of user. Some programs can block personal information (i.e. phone numbers, addresses) from being sent on your computer, which is a great way to protect your children from the recent increase of online predators.

It is important to understand that by installing filtering software does not guarantee that your child won’t be exposed to inappropriate material. As new websites appear everyday it is important that you keep the software you use up-to-date. It is recommended that you educate yourself and take advantage of how your internet browser works in order to monitor and protect your children from sites they have and may visit.

Using filter software will also assist you in installing the commercial software on your computer, as well as joining other filtering services offered by your provider. In addition to that, some ISPs (Internet Service Providers, the companies that let your modem connect to the Internet) provide content filtering as part of their basic service. For additional information, please contact your software maker or internet service provider.




Furthermore, it is advised that guardians who share a computer with children under the age of 18 refrain from storing any personal user ID or password on the machine.


Please note that this notification page is being provided to you as a courtesy of LiveAsianWebcams and cannot be held responsible for failure to read the information on this page or any third-party software which malfunctions allowing the contents of this site to be viewed.