Questions About Points

What is a "Point”?
  Chatting rate is on a per point basis, you will need to purchase points before entering a chat session.
To avoid being cut off when talking to your favorite model, ensure you have enough points before you start the session.

Basic charge
Cost of 1 point: between $1.80 and $2.50 depending on the package purchased
Our trial package is $2.95 and gives you 5 minutes worth of chat

Chat mode: 1 point = 1minute
First half of basic charge is good between 01 and 30sec 
Second half of basic charge is good between 31 and 00sec
2way chat: Same as Chat mode
1 on 1 exclusively: 1minute = 2points
Hand/Lip feature: 30sec = 1point per item
Private Messaging (PM): 1point per message. Only the performer can initiate this feature.
Each message is 1point when using the Private Message box.

How do I get points?
  You can buy points here or click on the Purchase Points tab above.
Are Credit Card transactions secure?
  All credit card transactions are encrypted with 128bit SSL, and approved by VeriSign. Your important information is safe and confidential.
Do you verify age?
  Yes. We use your credit card information to verify your age. You must be of legal age where you reside to use our services.
What should I do if I forget my User Name and/or Password?
  Please contact us using our support form. We will verify your account and send your account details via email.
Do points expire?
  Points expire after 2 years.
Are points refundable?
  Points are non-refundable.