System Requirements

What do I need to get started?
  DSL with modem is ideal. Cable connection works well too, but at peak time your video quality will be lower or your chat session may be interrupted. A computer with a high CPU rating and plenty of RAM will get you the best performance. Please contact you ISP for additional questions regarding your internet connection.


What plug-ins are required and which browsers are supported?
  Please install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Internet Explorer 5.2 for MAC and
Firefox 3.0.3 and later are supported.


Should I make changes to my browser’s security settings?
  Your browser’s security level should be set to Medium and Java-Script should be enabled.


Sometimes I can't chat or preview the performer’s profiles. What's going on?
  Problems can occur when your PC runs out of resources (CPU, RAM, etc.).

Visit our System Requirement section to ensure your machine is compatible.
You can also try doing the following to help with your computers’ performance:

  • Close all other applications/programs not currently in use.
  • For the best video images ensure your internet connection is not being shared.
  • Dedicated cable/DSL connections are preferred.
  • Messaging applications that run in the background should be terminated.
  • Try refreshing or reopening the chat window if you experience lag in the video feed.


Can I chat with more than one model at the same time?
  Yes. You can talk to several girls at the same time.